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Move Gets a Space in Your PlayStation Home

Posted by James Newton

Let your virtual you have a look

There are already some pretty oddball ways to interact in PlayStation Home, but dressing up as a PlayStation Move controller to take part in team tasks probably takes the biscuit.

Move's dedicated space opened up in PlayStation Home this week, letting you learn more about the peripheral through your PS3 – though, hey, Movemodo works great on your PS3 browser too, y'know.

If dressing up as a Move and dancing in front of a group of strangers is your idea of a good time, and you haven't already been arrested, maybe now's the time to load up Home again and check out the dedicated space.


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SilentJ said:

I've been meaning to check out Home. It's been a while since I was last on it.



WolfRamHeart said:

I've never even checked out Home on my PS3. I deleted it to make room on my hard drive. Maybe I'll re-install it since I'm getting the Move. On another note, I am unable to view Movemodo or any other site on my PS3 web browser because it does not work correctly. My PS3 browser freezes everytime I use it so I stopped using it. I'm using my Wii's web browser right now to check out Movemodo.



zezhyrule said:

@WolfRamHeart: Traitor! Get 'im!

I feel kind of like stuffgamer(unless he got a computer), because my old computer broke, so now I have to use the PS3 browser all the time, unless I can sneak onto a friend's.



James said:

I gave this a go last night but like NESGamePro says if one person messes it up that's it, back to square one. Annoying but hey, that's team games for you

Anyone going to buy the store costume with exclusive emotes?



SilentJ said:

Home can be fun but I doubt I'll spend more cash on it. I already bought some Ghostbusters stuff that I never use.

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