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Konami Bringing Travis Touchdown to PlayStation Move

Posted by James Newton

Punk's not dead

The original No More Heroes on Nintendo Wii was a highly original but equally flawed game that never really found its audience on the machine. Suda51's homage to punk, trashy TV and laser katana-wielding assassins fell foul of some of the Wii's limitations, but the forthcoming PlayStation 3 version of the game will combine the console's power and PlayStation Move for a far tighter Travis Touchdown experience.

Konami announced at Gamescom it will be bringing No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise to Europe next year with PlayStation Move controls, which hopefully will require a bit more subtlety than the original Wii's controls. If you haven't played or heard of No More Heroes before, this Japanese trailer below should help you get up to speed with many of its characters. Does it contain a boss shooting laser beams from its crotch area? Yes, yes it does.

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WolfRamHeart said:

I really hope that they decide to release this game here in the US as it is currently only available in Japan. However, since PS3 games are not region locked I could always just import it but I'd rather not.



James said:

You could always import the European version if it doesn't make it to North America



JamieO said:

Man, I apologise if I sound like a graphics snob here, however considering that I would like to play the Wii game but I haven't bought it yet, a Move enabled PS3 version with lovely clean HD cel-shading sounds very tempting.

I feel the same way about the Move version of Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest... but what's a gamer supposed to do? I think that everyone would go for the graphically superior version of a game, as long as both versions have gameplay and controls which are on a par.

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