Killzone 3 looks set to be a blockbuster whether playing it with Move or not, but this video showing the game's Move controls makes us think it might be a tough decision to make.

Guerilla Games's Steven Ter Heide, who recently admitted the studio hasn't decided if Move and DualShock 3 gamers will meet online, explains in the video below that the game's auto aim feature comes in different flavours.

Activated by pressing L2, this will zoom and snap your sight onto an enemy, not unlike the aim down sight modes of many other first-person shooters. In the game's easy difficulty it will lock onto an enemy for you, but there is also a half-lock mode that only locks the camera onto the area, allowing you to aim freely, or you can turn the feature off completely for full freedom of aiming.

Rather than throwing grenades with an overhand motion, they're handled by cooking them with L1 and aiming as you would a normal weapon before releasing L1 to throw the grenade. The new melee attacks require a stabbing motion with the Move, with one attack shown forcing your character's thumbs into a Helghast's eye sockets, and you can reload by simply twisting your wrist left or right.

The video below, we should warn you, gets quite violent at times.