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High Velocity Bowling Ships on Blu-ray Today, Move Patch Launched Too

Posted by James Newton

Get your minds in the gutter

We covered the announcement of High Velocity Bowling's transition to the world of Blu-ray releases, and now the game's on its way to retailers across North America with Move and 3D support built-in.

All the downloadable content currently available for the game is packed onto the disc to give you extra value for your money. If you've already bought the game from the PlayStation Network then the patch is currently available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, with regular account-holders getting access to the patch later, though it's not yet known whether it will be free to all members or not. When we know, we'll update you here.


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Slapshot said:

Yeah, Im loving the Free download on this one, hope to try it out tonight maybe.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I downloaded the patch just in case they decide to charge for it later, even though I don't have Move yet. It's good to hear that the retail release DOES include all of the DLC...I just didn't think they could possibly justify the price any other way.



mjc0961 said:

Playstation Plus gets title updates before regular users now? Congratulations Sony, you have now officially gone back on your promise that regular Playstation Network services would not be altered in any way if you don't get PS+.

Seriously, game demos are one thing, but holding out on title updates? That's some serious BS right there.



RedMemory said:

@mjc0961 Yeah, that seems very fishy. Here in Europe it was just released as a download key on the PSN.

Has anyone tried the game with Move controls? Is it worthy of a recommendation?



Swolern said:

Anybody know if the psn plus update makes HVB 3d compatible? b/c on description on psn it only states upgrades for move.

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