Heavy Rain: Move Edition is the updated version of Quantic Dream's seminal interactive drama, and it's set to arrive soon in two mouthwatering flavours.

If you already own the original Heavy Rain, you can expect to experience all the fun of downloading a new patch for it on September 22nd, which will add in all the Move functionality you can imagine. There'll also be a Move-enabled demo featuring early scenes Sleazy Place and Crime Scene available on the PlayStation Store on the same day, just in case you're unsure whether the updated title is worth your time.

If you're completely new to this Heavy Rain thing, you might want to hold onto your horses for the disc release of Heavy Rain: Move Edition. Releasing across mainland Europe on October 6th, New Zealand and Australia on October 7th and finally reaching the UK on October 8th – sound familiar? – for £29.99 or €39.99, the disc includes playable scene The Taxidermist, a trio of dynamic themes for your PS3, the soundtrack and nine behind-the-scenes Making Of videos totalling around 45 minutes.

Want the extra content but don't want to play the game with the shiny new Move controls? You'll still have full control using the DualShock 3, but that would be rather missing the point, we think.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]