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EA Believes Move Can Snaffle Wii's Audience

Posted by James Newton

Snaffle, verb: to snap up, to take cheekily

Take Two boss Ben Feder had his say about Wii gamers jumping ship to Move, but now EA's European senior Vice President Jens Uwe Intat has thrown his hat in the ring too.

UK industry magazine MCV recently spoke to Intat and asked him if Move could convert Wii's audience:

We’ve always hoped Nintendo would get new audiences into gaming with the Wii, and they’ve successfully done that. We also always hoped those people would later buy a next gen gaming machine that does stuff the Wii doesn’t do as well as the others and we can certainly expect that the combination of reducing the entry barrier of the price and making the PS3 and 360 more accessible via Move or Kinect, we will certainly get people who now enjoy playing video games and want to play online or enjoy games in a much high resolution. We do expect quite a few people to do this.

Whilst Intat was more tactful than Feder, it remains to be seen whether Wii owners are really interested in online play or high definition gaming, and if they were, whether they've been waiting for Move to make the jump across.


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TheLZdragon said:

Says the ones who have had no faith in the Wii, made mistakes and blamed the Wii



cheapogamer4life said:

With the 3DTV and HD gaming options making good eye candy I would imagine that some Wii owners won't be able to wait for the next Nintendo console to include these features.



Paranoimia said:

"it remains to be seen whether Wii owners are really interested in online play or high definition gaming"

Not convinced either of those are really a factor.

What should be the decider is if you want better control over your games, regardless of whether they're HD or have online elements.

Comparing Wii to the Move is like comparing an old Atari joystick (eight directions, one button) to a DualShock3 - the basic functionality may be similar, but the control and finesse of the latter is streets ahead.



Token_Girl said:

Probably not as much as they'd think. PS3 + enough move accessories for true multiplayer is EXPENSIVE! I'm still of the belief that the Wii won out for offering something new at a reasonable price point for a current gen machine. These things are still really "next gen" though coming into their own.



Mahe said:

I'm interested in good games. Get me those, and easy to buy console package which has everything I need to play at a good price, and I'll be there.

Currently I'm playing A Boy and His Blob on the Wii. Fantastic game, looks HD. Doesn't need motion control. Doesn't need online. Not available on the other platforms. It's a triumph of the Wii philosophy, "gameplay comes first".



Slapshot said:

@4... very well stated. The more i play Move the deeper i find it. I picked up Wii Sports/ Resort and instantly was good at it. Sports Championships isn't nearly pick up and play. I had 6 people over to try it out (all wii owners) and everyone struggled learning the games but got better throughout the day. Ping pong is hard in real life and its hard on Move. They all were impressed by Move.



mjc0961 said:

If they don't have a PS3, they're going to be putting down $400 for the console + basic move bundle, and then even more for extra controllers.

No, I don't think a large part of the Wii fanbase is going to look forward to paying that much yet.



turtlelink said:

Scenario time!
Non-Gamer goes to store to get an extra wii remote. He buys a Move. He wonders why it doesn't work on his Wii. Man complains to Nintendo



TheLZdragon said:

Considering to get four move controllers, a PS3 with the eye and a bundled game...that's a total of around $550. Yeah, no. Don't expect any miracles. Also, the navigation controllers are an extra $30 each.



Slapshot said:

@Iz.... I think what they are talking about is that the majority of PS3 owners also own Wiis from results of surveys they did in the past year or so, and those people who do own both systems will tend to start buying games for Move instead of Wii.

I land in this category and there will be very select titles I buy for Wii from here on out. I do agree with this guys statement completely.



LinktotheFuture said:

Seems unlikely, the graphics are better, but Wii Sports Resort is a lot funner than Sports Champions. I also much prefer playing with Mii Characters than the random characters that are included in Sports Champions.



SwerdMurd said:

@Link - I feel almost the exact opposite way. Only about half of the Sports Resort games are worth playing, and are all considerably more shallow than the offerings in Sports Champions. Sports Champions also plays a hell of a lot smoother.



danschemen said:

i think the only thing nintendo is doing to battle the move besides have a kick line up of games coming out in november and next year, is that they are making a wii remote that comes with the motion plus already built into it and it will be $10 cheeper than the old combo so i think wii games are about to get a lot better.



Aceun said:

@lz2010 - ummm, why would you need all that? The most any new user should be spending on the move is 480. It's silly to assume there's going to be a four player split screen shooter that requires everyone to have a navCon and a Move controller. In fact, that's impossible since only seven bluetooth devices can be registered per user. Hardcore gamers should not be buying more than one navCon.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

Ha-ha April fools! .... ... ........ ............ ...what? It isn't an april fools joke?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! BANGS HEAD ON TABLE REPEATEDLY



sontuk said:

Naw, I love the PS3 and the Wii, but I'm never going to replace my wii with some ripoff.



SilverBaretta said:

I hope the audience they're shooting for isn't as pasty-skinned as the guy holding the Move controllers....



danschemen said:

i don't think the move will become more popular than the wii. because the move is only an accessory unlike the wii.

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