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Don't Expect Motion-Controlled Castlevania on Move

Posted by James Newton

Move cannot do whips or other objects

Move is a versatile piece of kit, with titles lined up that turn the plastic into everything from a beam katana to a lasso, but it seems it has its limitations.

Sony recently held a press conference in Japan to explain the controller in more depth, detailing its ability to portray pens, torches, nets and sporting equipment. However, the company also revealed it had not been able to turn the Move into certain items

However, the company found that it is not possible to use the Move as a shovel, whip, paper fan and some other objects.

Konami’s David Cox posted on Twitter earlier this year that the company had considered using Playstation Move in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow but had ultimately decided not to include it. Whether that was down to programming difficulties or other reasons is not known.

Although this certainly doesn't sound a death knell for a game involving shovels, whips and paper fans – and what a game that could be – it does mean the future possibility of a Move-controlled Simon Belmont rattling through Dracula's castle for the fiftieth time has taken a knock. Whether that's a bad thing or not is completely up to you.


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SwerdMurd said:

I wonder what basis they had for detailing that it couldn't be used as a shovel or paper what context? And why these items? Weird article....or rather weird information contained in said article.



mjc0961 said:

I'm pretty sure I've seen videos of people playing Move tech demos where they did use it as a whip.

Side note: Why is all the font so tiny here compared to Nintendo Life?



Roopa132 said:

I don't understand it. The whip, maybe since it's a very long and elastic extension unlike swords etc. which are inelastic but if it can be used as a sword then why not as a shovel? Has it to do with the fact that for a shovel you'd hold the controller upside down? And I don't understand it with the fan either...

@4.mjc0961 It's just a slightly different font which is maybe a pixel smaller. And I like it better than the NL font.



James said:

I think it's more like the Move cannot be used for the actions those items do: digging and whipping could be tough, but fanning would have been OK, I thought. If it can do a robot skeleton it can do a paper fan, surely!



Roopa132 said:

I disagree. The Move can do really fast swinging of a sword in all directions then why shouldn't it be able to recognize the slow digging movement or a quick short forwards movement to whip? I mean holding a shovel is just like holding a sword (which the move can do great) only upside down...



James said:

Perhaps because with a sword you're generally pointing it forward towards the Eye camera, whereas with a shovel it'd be below your knees and the camera wouldn't be able to track it as easily. As for the whip, I have no idea...



Roopa132 said:

Well didn't they say that the camera doesn't even have to track the ball all the time because of the motion sensors? Also I personally have my hands about the height of my waist when shoveling. Furthermore in most of the Move videos (like this one) the Playstation Eye seems to be pointed at the whole body from head to feet, although this may just be for advertising purposes...

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