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David Cage: Move Needs More Support from Core Titles

Posted by James Newton

Quantic Dream boss emphasises importance of AAA games

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is undoubtedly one of the Move's AAA titles over the launch period, with the studio having devoted a huge amount of its workforce to the development of a free Move-enabling patch and bonus video content too. Studio founder recently David Cage spoke to about his feelings on the controller, and was keen to stress the importance of high-profile titles to the peripheral's success.

Despite expertly dodging the question of whether or not Move can extend the machine's lifespan, Cage did say that the hardware is sound but only future support from top games will make a difference to the accessory's fortunes. With big core games like Killzone 3 and Time Crisis: Razing Storm on the way, let's hope the release schedule can maintain this momentum for the coming years.


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JamieO said:

David Cage is unsurprisingly spot on with this, I could not agree more. It is complete and utter common sense that the success of Sony's wand tech will be boosted by AAA PS3 core titles including exclusive Move content.

The thing is, I feel confident that both first and third party games will deliver, although I don't think it will happen overnight. I read that it only took Eugen Systems five weeks to incorporate Move controls into R.U.S.E., so hopefully it is not too complicated to develop a Move-enabled game.

Ultimately, I am mostly looking forward to AAA games, which are built and designed completely around Move.



mjc0961 said:

The important thing here is, do we still press X to Jason, or is it a new action?

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