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Browse the Internet Using a Move Cursor in Update 3.50

Posted by James Newton

Get online with the glowing ball

The PS3's Internet browser isn't bad – it works great for Movemodo for a start – but it doesn't make sense that you can't use the Move controller as an on-screen cursor for clicking links and so on. Well, now your prayers have been answered and all your dreams have come true, as the firmware update 3.50 adds Move cursor support for the browser, among other non-Move additions.

Now Sony, how about adding pointer support to the on-screen keyboard? It'd make trash-texting a whole lot quicker.


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Dragonfly said:

yeah please! XMB and everything should be able to be controlled by pointer!
I hate typing with move, the xmb is g** with it too. you should have a lil move sign on the screen to navigate thru everything. [in settings you could maybe change between classic and pointer?]



Stuffgamer1 said:

Sony didn't even ANNOUNCE this feature. What, did you just try it out at random and see that it works?



Slapshot said:

At first the whole motion controlled XMB was plain frustrating but it quickly became second nature, and yet so Im off now to see how the cursor thing works.

EDIT.... ummm how do you get a cursor to browse the XMB?



EEEASE said:

That sounds awesome. I'll have to try that out soon. I've definitely been using my Move to control the XMB lately.



James said:

@Slapshot There's no cursor on the XMB yet, it's all gesture-based, but I bet they implement one later



Slapshot said:

@James... lol I read that one wrong The gesture based movement is actaully quite easy. Ive gotten to where if Im going to play a Move game, I turn on the system and control everything with Move now.



mjc0961 said:

Slowly we uncover more and more features that Sony didn't even bother to mention in this firmware.

Really Sony, you had all that space on screen left when you only put "support for 3D blu-ray movies" on the "stuff this update does" page. You couldn't include all the other features you were adding, such as the ability to report inappropriate text messages, this thing the article here is about, and even the completely, absolutely, 100% totally useless facebook features nobody with sanity gives a muffin about because facebook and all other social networking sites are trash?

Keep up the good work Sony, playing "find the hidden features" every time you release new firmware never gets old. insert eye roll here

Watch the language - Mod team



JustYourAverageBleh said:

Wow. Move is becoming more usable. off-topic I just realized if you have an account on NL, you don't have to sign up on this site! you can log in by filling in your credentials same way you did on NL. Very cool. =)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mjc: Oh, it's good to know I'm still insane, then. I'm looking forward to seeing what Facebook features they're adding.

@JustYourAverageBleh: Yeah, they did the same thing when they opened up WiiWareWorld alongside VC Reviews, and again when they combined them all into Nintendo Life. I pretty much expected it at this point, and was not disappointed.



HappyHappy said:

Sony must really love copying things some other video game company has already ready done.

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