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Battle Rifle Joins the Ranks of Extravagant Move Accessories

Posted by James Newton

$29.99 for replica firearm

If a piddly little pistol just doesn't cut the manly mustard for you, this forthcoming battle rifle should fulfil pretty much all of your plastic gun needs.

Priced up at $29.99 and due for release on November 10th, the rifle has space for a Navigation around the back and a "break away" design to allow you to customise the gun's appearance.

Icon also has a double pack of pistols in the works for those times when a battle rifle just isn't good enough, but it's fair to say they don't quite match the rifle in realistic aesthetics, and by that we mean "they look like bubble guns".


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James said:

Those double pistols look fantastic too though, let's admit.



Paranoimia said:

Well, if Kinect has one definite advantage over Move, it's that there'll be a lack of this cheap plastic tat for it.



SilentJ said:

I have to admit this does look pretty cool! I never liked using the Wii Zapper though.

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