We were wrong. Seems the pairing really are best buddies at the moment. Take Subway's latest promotion, the "Fiery Footlong Frenzy". There's a bunch of PlayStation-related gubbins involved, including: PS3 systems, games, 3D HDTVs, PSP systems, and exclusive access to the PlayStation Move controller. You'll find codes on all sorts of Subway goods, including specially-marked drink cups, Monterey Jack Sun Chips and breakfast sandwiches.

According to Subway, the PlayStation Move partnership's all about promoting a healthier brand for the restaurant. "As a brand that values active lifestyles, Subway is pleased to join Playstation in the launch its new active gaming platform and offer our fans this exclusive opportunity," said Subway's Tony Pace.

Honestly, we don't care how many Chicken Teriyaki footlongs we have to eat — just give us that Move controller and a copy of Sports Champions now.

[via joystiq.com]