were the ones asking him the question, which usually ends up with Tameem ranting about how the studio didn't profit from the game.

“We’ve kind of moved on now. Our focus is on Enslaved, and making that successful. If we build a franchise out of it there’s a lot of potential in the action-adventure space that surprisingly isn’t that common.

“We did actually want to do a sequel, and we did pursue that – but we’re not a first party studio, we’re a third party studio, and we knew that over the next few years we’ve got to be releasing multi-platform games,” he said.

But wait... Here it comes...

“The game Heavenly Sword didn’t sell enough to have a confident sequel, so it would have put ourselves as a development studio in a very precarious situation.”

Seeing as Sony owns the IP, we're curious as to whether they'd be willing to spoon the franchise off to God Of War team, Sony Santa Monica. Or perhaps we'll never see a sequel. It would be a shame, the franchise has potential. And the amount of time we spend writing about Heavenly Sword in 2010 (!!) suggests there is still interest in it.