He was building up to the announcement of his company's 3DS, a glasses-less portable device which uses clever screen technology to create a three-dimensional effect.

Sony's Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, reckons Nintendo and Sony should stop hating, and start working together to promote the three-dimensional tech, which is still in its infancy.

He told IGN: “I have hope that they have a broader perspective with 3D. When you listen to what they are saying about the effect of 3D perspective to the games, they are saying the same message we are, but they don’t have to bash some small part of what the other company is doing.

“I think as an industry we should preach this new perspective, from a very large cinema screen to a small portable, because that helps advancing the games and the game industry. We’d like to work together to promote 3D.”

As good as Sony's 3D tech is, we can't see it being mainstream until the issue of glasses is resolved. In that case, Nintendo might have point. Clearly, that kind of technology is still some way off, so perhaps this 3D revolution is a bit premature? Then again, it's nice knowing that when you eventually do go 3D, you're going to have a stack of PS3 games to take advantage of it.