As was already announced, the controller will arrive in Japan for ¥3,980 ($45), with additional Navigation Controllers selling for ¥2,980 ($34). Sony will also be releasing a Starter Kit Bundle which includes the PlayStation Eye, a PlayStation Move controller and a copy of Beat Sketch (which was formerly known as Sketch & Draw). That'll cost ¥5,980 ($68) and will also be available on launch day.

Alongside the hardware, Move will ship with six games on launch day. We've embedded details of these after the jump.

  • EyePet (SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Sports Champion (SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Beat Sketch (SCEJ, ¥2,980)
  • Fure! Fure! Bowling (aka High Velocity Bowling, SCEJ, ¥1,900)
  • Machi Suberi (aka Kung Fu Rider, SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Big 3 Gun Shooting (Namco Bandai, ¥6,279)

In addition, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will also be playable with Move from launch day. Current owners of the game will be available to update their copy of the game in mid-September to prepare for the new control options.

Sony's also released some details of future titles, which includes one particular Ape Escape name.

  • Mugen Kairo Hikari to Kage no Hako (aka Echochrome, SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • Nikudan (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • Move de Party (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • TV Superstars (SCEJ, December, ¥3,980)
  • Furi Furi! Sarugetchu (aka Ape Escape, SCEJ, 2010, price TBA)
  • Sorcery (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • Tower (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • The Shoot (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • Heroes on the Move (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)

Sony will also be bundling the likes of Resident Evil 5 and Big 3 Gun Shooting with Move controllers and relevant attachments. These will also be available on launch day.

Finally, Sony will be giving out the PlayStation Omniverse Demo disc at retail to those who buy specific Move bundles. The disc will include demos of select PlayStation Move titles. The content's yet to be announced however.

If you were curious how Japan were going to promote PlayStation Move, well check out the video below.