Who knows, there's time for the game to get its plaudits yet — but based on pre-release anticipation, we're not convinced. Namco-Bandai want the game to be their equivalent of Uncharted 2, loft anticipations for a new IP indeed. But with Ninja Theory at the helm, anything can happen.

Enslaved's a post-apocalyptic action game. Stop us if you've heard this one before. The USP? It's all based on the ancient Chinese novel: Journey To The West. Loosely of course. Y'see, in this vision of the future humans have been eradicated and robots rule the world. It's a future we can get behind. Afterall, AI's probably more polite than the kid that served you at the newsagents this morning.

Playing as a character called "Monkey", you're bound as the protector of a mysterious lady named Trip. Your mission is to keep her alive, or you'll die. So the game's one great big escort mission, but Ninja Theory ensure that it's going to be the best escort mission you've ever played. Or at least second best after that amazing one in Uncharted 2.

Enslaved's due out this October, which will probably be a difficult release window for it. But contrary to popular video games opinion, sales do not equate to quality. And we're gunning for Ninja Theory on this one.