After the strength of this year first couple of quarters - MAG, Heavy Rain, God Of War III, Modnation Racers - many people were assuming Sony would have nothing left. But it's been consecutive week-after-week announcements from the company, and this all comes before E3. We've had LittleBigPlanet 2, we've had Killzone 3, and now, Official Playstation Magazine Portugal's teasing inFamous 2. Which is exceedingly exciting isn't it?

The magazine notes "the announcement of a great PlayStation 3 sequel" in its next issue. Good grief - Microsoft and Nintendo might have new hardware each (Natal and 3DS) but we don't think there's any arguing over who's going to bring the better software line-up. Expect Sony to freaking kill it for great titles.

We're still keeping our fingers crossed for some kind of Uncharted 3 tease during the show too. It has to happen, right?