Simon Prytherch of Lightning Fish Games reckons that the introduction of the Playstation Move will benefit the market for "fitness gamers", and that platform holder's emphasis on motion controls will "see new ways of interacting and new genres emerging as creative minds get to grips with the technology". We know this comment will scare some of you.

Sticking with motion controls, Crytek developers of Crysis 2 have said they are working "very closely" with Sony's Playstation Move technology and that 3D gaming is very much on their agenda. “It certainly adds a lot to a number of games. Depth perception in an FPS really changes the game and makes it a lot more enjoyable," Crytek's CEO decalred.

Meanwhile, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's had a scene cut in the Japanese version. Kojima Tweeted that "one certain scene" that is "absolutely necessary for MGS" has been cut in order for the game to be awarded a rating in Japan. Thankfully, the scene will not be cut in the Western version.