The game's been teased by various outlets for some time now, but it's finally been revealed on the latest cover of US mag GameInformer.

The game's all about Grayson Hunt, the former leader of a black-ops team called Dead Echo. Time's been rough on Hunt, and since his departure from the black-ops he's become somewhat of a drunken space-pirate. Time to shoot things? Not just yet. Hunt's crash-landed and ran into an old enemy - yup, now it's time to shoot things.

The magazine cover certainly has a striking art-style to it that we assume will carry over into the final game. The downside is that if Epic are involved, this game's almost definitely going to run on the Unreal Engine. Sigh. Long time readers will know we have slight distaste for the waxiness of the Unreal Engine.

Still, if a job's worth doing. It's about time Epic promoted their multiplatform engine with a multiplatform release (looking at you: Gears Of War).