What's that Reggie — you heard that there's a system going to be offering significantly better motion controls, alongside blu-ray, video delivery, and HD graphics? Oh.
“So I’m a consumer and I’m having a great experience with my Wii. And we know that’s the case – we look at the software that’s being purchased. Consumers love the Wii. What’s going to motivate them to spend minimally $300 for a new [PS3] system, plus minimally $100 for the Move motion bundle?

“So [as a consumer] now I’m into this for $400 and I still have to spend money on software. What’s going to motivate me to do that?”</blockquote>

We can see his point, but it's presumably software and the uptake in high-definition - and specificially blu-ray - that's going to drive users to the PS3, Reggie. At least, we assume that's what Sony are banking on.