We certainly don't like metal (of the physical, or musical kind). But we sure as hell do like God Of War. Thus - the God Of War: Blood & Metal EP (which comes with the Collector's Edition of God Of War III) has us torn.

Y'see, "popular" metal acts Killswitch Engage (who did that one song we didn't like), Dream Theater, Trivium, Opeth and Taking Dawn are due to craft some God Of War inspired tracks for the EP. They'll probably be soothing and enjoyable or something. Actually, if they all go "heeeeeevah-heeeeeeeevah," then you can consider our sarcasm truly misplaced.
"This is the first time in 24 years that we've written and recorded a song for anything other than one of our own albums, so we're up for the challenge and excited to have been asked," said prog metal act Dream Theater's drummer Mike Portnoy.</blockquote>

If we were in a metal band (which we're not), we'd probably write a song called "Kratos' Torment In Hades," or something. Because that's just how utterly generic metal song titles are.

We're off to listen to Annie's cover of Stacey-Q. BYE!