Way back in April we posted Nintendo exec Reggie Fils-Aime's statement that "there's nothing nice to say about Playstation 3". Now we're sitting here in November, and Fils-Aime is being asked questions on Nintendo's performance, as the Playstation 3 currently dominates worldwide.

Asked in particular about Septmeber's NPD numbers - where a cheaper Playstation 3 crushed a cheaper Nintendo Wii - Fils-Aime said "you have to put it in perspective".
“So far it’s [the price dropped Wii] selling really well. We’ve been very pleased with the numbers. We’re really pleased as we get ready for the holiday season…You know, you have to put it in perspective. They had five full weeks of price reduction in their favor, we had the one week. And even with that, the gap was pretty small.”</blockquote>

It'll be interesting to see where the October numbers peg the systems, and whether or not the XBOX 360 will factor into the equation.