Sony are in charge of publishing, distributing and promoting their game now; leaving the team at Naughty Dog to take a break and look to the future. And the first thing on the cards is DLC for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Naughty Dog multiplayer designer Justin Richmond announced that he will be "working on DLC for the next while," announcing:
"There will be downloadable content, yes.

"What you'll probably see is more of the competitive type: more maps, more modes, stuff like that. The co-op stuff is hugely time-intensive and the size of it - the physical download size - is huge, so that's probably not an option.

"I'm not going to say never," he added, "but for the foreseeable future we're not going to be doing that."</blockquote>

Richmond also detailed his fascination with co-operative gameplay. He showed desire to take co-op gameplay to the next level with Naughty Dog's next project.
"Naughty Dog does a really good job of defining things, and I think no one's really done a definitively amazing amazing co-op experience and I think we can do that, and it's something that at some point we'll tackle," he said. "If I have my say, then that's what we'd do."</blockquote>

And exactly what is next for Naughty Dog then? Richmond announced that the developers are already working on the engine for whatever comes next.
"Hahaha. I don't know what we'll do next actually."</blockquote>

We can probably guess that the next game out of Naughty Dog will come from either the Uncharted or Jak & Daxter franchises. It'll be interesting to see whether they put Drake on hold for a few years, or continue to pimp Uncharted as a big franchise.