We couldn't give two flying hoots about Guitar Hero here in the PushSquare office because we don't like 92% of the music they pump out for that platform. DJ Hero on the other hand, has us absolutely stoked because we do like that music.

So, Activision's brand manager Ian McCellan was totally talking sense when he told MCV, "With the kind of diversity DJ Hero offers, we expect it to appeal to people who may not have yet discovered the Hero franchise. The key is that the music – which comprises of over 90 mashups that are unique to DJ Hero – is still very accessible."

Credit where credit's due, despite the hefty price-tag, we're pretty stoked Activision are really getting behind this game, because it does reach out to people like us in the PushSquare office, who like our music with bigger kick drums and less power-chords.

It'll be interesting to see just how well it sells. We presume Activision might have put some people off with the game's high price tag. But it certainly reaches out to a new audience.

We'll be buying the game. If you like the kind of music on offer in DJ Hero, we think you should too. Let Activision know that you don't have to listen to commercial rock to play rhythmn games. Because commercial rock sucks.