There have been some concerns that the game is vastly lagging behind its 360 counterpart. Kotaku aren't quite sure about that.
"But when we did get our hands on a DualShock to play Bayonetta, it felt largely the same as the Xbox 360 demos we'd played. That may be due to the familiar setting—it was the same demo PlatinumGames and Sega had brought to E3. But it was also due to the fact that the game's were mostly the same, the mechanics firmly intact and the bright visual impact of the flamboyantly designed game nearly identical across both versions," they wrote.

"That said, some of the visuals on the PS3 version did appear to be lagging behind the Xbox 360 version, with muddier textures and a more uneven frame rate bogging down the presentation. Determining those differences was a bit of a struggle, though, as we attempted to verify earlier reports of the game suffering in the graphics department. Both versions were not presented side-by-side, so it was hard to tell how much more attractive one version looked than the other."</blockquote>

And folks there you have it. Once again the gaming press whips into a frenzy about a few minute graphical deficiencies that won't affect anyone's enjoyment of the game. Thank goodness for Kotaku setting the record straight.

We've provided some video proof above.