The XBOX Live launch yesterday was compounded with bricked servers and connection problems. Rumours are that since its XBOX launch yesterday morning the game has sold a whopping 70,000 copies, which is pretty impressive for a download release. We've just bought our PSN copy only to find we can't log in.

Still, a post made by by Gordon Van Dyke on the official EA forums suggest that alongside publishers EA, the developers DICE are doing everything they can to get the experience stable. That means working around the clock.
"We have full support of EA to add as many servers as takes and then some so that everyone can play. This work has already started and servers will be added around the clock with teams working to cover this 24 hours a day so not a moment is wasted. You will be able to play this game and play it lag free!"</blockquote>

It's a shame that such an anticipated game has been hit by problems caused solely by its own success. A double edged sword for EA and DICE perhaps - of course they want to be releasing games of this magnitude but perhaps they should have a little more faith in their own products. After all, they must have severely underestimated the type of sales numbers this game would do.