The developers are pretty much done, the reviews are nearly all out and the demo is on it's way.

So what's left to do aside from wait patiently for the next 24 days?

  • Check your equipment. Do you have a good enough television and speakers to enjoy Killzone 2 as the developers intended you to? We've no doubt Killzone 2 will be a thrill to senses on a 14" SD portable TV but high definition is what gamers should be saving for if they want the most out of Killzone 2 and the Playstation 3 in general. If you're on a tight budget Samsung TV's represent both excellent value for money and picture quality with a host of different models and sizes to choose from depending on your needs. Remember to check the specifications carefully and take note of user reviews before buying. Most importantly be sure to shop around to ensure you're getting the best deal. There's still over 24 days until release so you have plenty of time to pick up the right TV for you. As for surround sound, this games audio is mixed in 7.1 so take that information as what you will. If your budget can stretch to it, invest in a full 7.1 system from a recognised brand. If your budget is low, look for cheaper alternatives.
  • Play Killzone and Killzone Liberation. If you haven't done so already you should pick up the previous games in the Killzone series to get a grip on the story and "history" of the series. It's not entirely essential (the PS2 original is technically flawed) but with Killzone 2 just around the corner, what better warm-up than the older brethren that paved the way for 2009's most hyped shooter.
  • Finish any outstanding games. Killzone 2's multiplayer is heavy and addictive. So much so you're going to want any outstanding games out of the way before this game gets it's hooks into you. If you're still trying to reach max level in Resistance 2 or finish off all the side quests in Fall out 3 then now is the time to do it. You've been warned.
  • Bolster your PSN friends list. If you intend on creating a clan or playing Killzone 2 with some buddies then it's time to get that PSN friends list in order. This goes out to those of you who spend most of your time playing online games on XBOX Live. It's finally time to get that list of contacts up to scratch so when release day comes you have a wealth of friends to play with.
  • Get a headset. There are probably many of you out there that don't have a headset for your Playstation 3. That's fair enough, we don't much like talking while we're playing games either. But Killzone is an exception. If you want to become an essential part of a Killzone team or clan you're going to need a headset to ensure efficient communication with team mates. The official Sony headset is the best choice but any blue tooth headset will do so long as it functions.

Do you have anything to add to the list? What games will help you pass the time until Killzone 2?