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News: Resident Evil 7 Sounds More Like Silent Hill Than Ever

Resident Evil 7 Sounds More Like Silent Hill Than Ever

Happy ever after?

Here's the sum of everything we know about Resident Evil 7: it's coming out on 24th January. Okay, we know a little bit more about the game than that, but you get the idea – Capcom is really playing its blood splattered cards close to its chest with this one. And that's exciting, because it'll be more of a surprise when you...

Mission Blog: Chapter 2 - Systematic

Chapter 2 - Systematic

Infinite improbability

I was only my second star system in – now named Coaster, of course – but already it felt like I was in a whole new place. The Gek space station was a silhouette against a vivid burnt orange backdrop, and a couple of freighter ships warped imposingly close, blocking my view of the nearest planet. There were very few...

Review: Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom (PS4)

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom (PS4)

Maybe necks time

While it's a common story, Attack on Titan managed to pull this particular scribe into the anime world a couple years ago. How could it not? It has a striking art style with bold lining and subdued colour, a European setting with an intricate culture and inventions, and an irresistible world that draws you in with its mysteries and...

Video: You Really, Really Should Play Inside on PS4

You Really, Really Should Play Inside on PS4

Don't be on the outside

Whatever you think of our review policy here at Push Square Towers – and whether we should invest our biscuit budget into an office steering wheel – there's one thing that we can all agree: 10/10 review scores are rare. In fact, while some sites may use the upper-end of their scale liberally, we like to be a bit more...

Review: AdVenture Capitalist (PS4)

AdVenture Capitalist (PS4)

Pass the buck

Oh the sweet, sweet irony, Sammy. You dump on No Man's Sky for being duller than a charity shop's clothing rack, and now you're going to try and act like AdVenture Capitalist is worth the free download from the PlayStation Store. Biased! Bullsh*t! Never visiting this website again! Bet you didn't even play it with a steering wheel, did...

Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS4)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS4)

It's got the X-Factor

One of the songs in the brand new rhythm game, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, is called Holy Lance Explosion Boy, and it's about an unsettlingly young boy accidentally getting someone pregnant, featuring lines like: "This 0.02mm barrier is seriously getting annoying." If the thought of a kawaii, virtual boy's condom splitting...

Review: Valley (PS4)

Valley (PS4)

Valleys of the 40s

Every so often, a year will inexplicably become themed around a certain weapon or piece of equipment. 2012 was the year of the bow and arrow, and it appears that 2016 will become synonymous with the grappling hook. Nathan Drake took one into his final adventure in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and upcoming games such as Titanfall 2,...

Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 132

What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 132

August's almost over

The weekends do come around quick, but given that this is inexplicably a three-day holiday in the UK, you won't hear us complaining. In fact, between the football and the final barbecues of the summer, we'll be squeezing in plenty of gaming. Here's what we're playing. Sammy Barker, Editor: I've been having fun hopping between...

Review: Prominence Poker (PS4)

Prominence Poker (PS4)


There was a point ten years ago when it felt like the popularity of poker had reached fever pitch. You couldn't turn on late night television without it appearing on more than one channel, and there always seemed to be some bloke down the pub who swore he'd made a serious chunk of change online. This rise in gambling websites left poker...

Review: Grow Up (PS4)

Grow Up (PS4)

Just playing the game, having a BUD

It was perhaps a little surprising to see a sequel to last year's botanical platforming adventure Grow Home, especially one that would release so swiftly. Grow Up released less than 12 months after its predecessor, and we were curious to find out what could've changed in that short space of time. As it turns out,...

News: PSN Down Just in Time for the Weekend

PSN Down Just in Time for the Weekend

Typical, eh?

Uh oh, it looks like the PlayStation Network's down. We can't sign into the service here at Push Square Towers, and we're getting buried in reports from unhappy users. Sony's official status website suggests that there's nothing wrong, but clearly, that isn't the case. We're not looking to jump the gun here, but it's at least worth...

Poll: Are You Still Playing No Man's Sky?

Are You Still Playing No Man's Sky?

Or have you lost interest?

It's been a weird old ride for No Man's Sky. Hyped up to infinity and beyond by enthusiastic fans, the press, and just about everyone in between, the space survival sim was met with divided opinion when it launched earlier this month, and even now, people still can't seem to decide whether it's good, bad, or just...

News: Final Fantasy XV Will Have Even More DLC Outside of the Season Pass

Final Fantasy XV Will Have Even More DLC Outside of the Season Pass

The saga continues

Good lord, it just never ends, does it? After last week's kerfuffle regarding the fact that Final Fantasy XV's season pass won't be included in the game's poorly named Ultimate Collector's Edition, game director Hajime Tabata has gone and told Famitsu that more downloadable content is planned that the aforementioned season pass...

News: Start Your NBA 2K17 Career for Free on PS4

Start Your NBA 2K17 Career for Free on PS4

Announce Alex Hunter

Can't wait to build your character and hit the court in NBA 2K17's career mode? Well, you'll be able to get started prior to the game's launch, with a free Prelude download kicking things off from 9th September. Available from the PlayStation Store, the client will allow you to experience the opening exchanges of the campaign...