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News: PlayStation Experience 2016 Heads to Anaheim in December

PlayStation Experience 2016 Heads to Anaheim in December

Is your body ready?

PlayStation Experience 2016 is happening after all. There had been some speculation that Sony may cancel its annual fan gathering, but an official website has been updated revealing that the show will be hosted at the Anaheim Convention Centre on 3rd and 4th December. This means there'll be one last press conference for you to...

Review: Dead Rising Triple Pack (PS4)

Dead Rising Triple Pack (PS4)

They live again

With Dead Rising 4 mere months away – though not for PlayStation gamers – the time is right for an opportunistic re-release of some of the earlier games. Acting as a prefect primer for the series, this re-release triple pack includes Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and if you don't fancy shelling...

Review: NHL 17 (PS4)

NHL 17 (PS4)

Returning to the first line

With NHL 17 being the second version of EA's hockey sim to be released since the shameful PlayStation 4 debut that was NHL 15, fans of puck-based sports were rightfully expecting the good work done in last year's edition to carry on through and be improved upon even further to really bring the franchise into the current...

News: Yakuza 0 Grabs a Day One Edition on PS4

Yakuza 0 Grabs a Day One Edition on PS4

Plus a new English trailer

We've been watching so much Yakuza 6 gameplay recently that we almost forgot Yakuza 0 is heading West early next year. Featuring a much younger Kazuma Kiryu, this should prove to be another memorable romp through Japan's seedy underbelly. You can learn more about our legendary protagonist and the sticky situation that...

Store Update: 27th September 2016 (Europe)

27th September 2016 (Europe)

Back of the net

Stock up on baked beans, say goodbye to your loved ones, plump your favourite cushion – the Christmas rush is here. Well, technically not quite actually. Don't get us wrong, this is a busy European PlayStation Store update, but it's padded by about a billion different versions of FIFA 17, which makes it look larger than it is. PS4...