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Video: Going Undercover with Aragami on PS4

Going Undercover with Aragami on PS4

Stealth master?

Already read our Aragami review? No? Well, click through here and check that out – we'll wait. All done? Okay, now you may be seeking some gameplay footage of Lince Works' stealth release. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Embedded above, you'll find 10 minutes captured directly from our PlayStation 4 – warts and all!

News: Download Your Free PlayStation Plus Games Now

Download Your Free PlayStation Plus Games Now

Roll out

It's an absolutely killer month on PlayStation Plus this October, with Sony responding to feedback by handing out free copies of Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation on the PlayStation 4 alone. Last-gen fans will also score Mad Riders and From Dust, while the Vita will grab Actual Sunlight and the irritatingly named Code: Realize...

Review: Aragami (PS4)

Aragami (PS4)

Arigato, Aragami

Aragami is a sight for sore eyes if you're a fan of the stealth genre. While we have incredible games integrating its conventions with Dishonored, Assassin's Creed, and even Wolfenstein: The New Order, they treat stealth gameplay as an equal alternative to action rather than the only realistic option. Seasoned game series like Metal...

Feature: October on PS4 Is Packed with Promising Games

October on PS4 Is Packed with Promising Games

Here are our highlights

Can you believe that it's October already? The year seems to have flown by here at Push Square, and now we find ourselves on the very brink of the holiday rush. Indeed, this is one of the most packed Octobers in recent memory, with way too many notable releases hitting the PlayStation 4 over the next few weeks. As such,...

Review: Hitman: Episode 5 - Colorado (PS4)

Hitman: Episode 5 - Colorado (PS4)


It's safe to say that Hitman has been excellent so far, but despite the variety of locations, every mission has been similar in that they've all been set in largely public places. The latest level – set in a militia-held apricot farm in rural Colorado – takes the game in a different direction, focusing more on stealth than previous...

Video: Watch Us Unbox PlayStation VR

Watch Us Unbox PlayStation VR

Wide open spaces

Apparently, our previous article about this PlayStation VR unboxing video wasn't search engine optimised quite as well as the powers to be would like, so because there's nothing else going on today, we're republishing this under a better headline. Look, at least we're completely honest with you, eh?

Review: Lichtspeer (PS4)

Lichtspeer (PS4)

The reich stuff?

For fear of repeating ourselves, one thing that the PlayStation 4 certainly isn't short of is creative, unique, and sometimes downright bizarre indie titles. Just when we think that we've seen it all, along comes developer Lichthund with its arcade javelin-em-up Lichtspeer to prove us wrong. Ported to Sony's system by Crunching...