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Guide: Boxing Day 2016 - Best PS4 Deals (US Edition)

Boxing Day 2016 - Best PS4 Deals (US Edition)

Sale away

Boxing Day 2016 is traditionally a bigger window for deals in the UK, but there's still some good stuff up for grabs in the United States. We'll be updating this article over time with all of the best PlayStation 4 deals in the United States, so do check back if you're eager to splash some Christmas cash. <products region="USA"...

Game of the Year 2016: #8 - DOOM

#8 - DOOM

Room for DOOM

Things could have gone badly wrong for DOOM. After a long development time, a severe lack of single player footage, and a complete absence of reviews on launch day, the title relied on word of mouth throughout its first week of availability. Is it any good? What's the campaign like? Has the multiplayer been improved since its beta?...

Feature: The 10 Best PS4 Soundtracks of 2016

The 10 Best PS4 Soundtracks of 2016

Hitting the right notes

Another year gone. Times flies, doesn't it? 2016 may have been, erm, less than stellar in a lot of respects, but the games industry was by no means one of the problems. Quality reigned supreme across so many titles it's hard to keep track. Not to be left behind, though, was the music from these games, which delivered some...

Review: Steep (PS4)

Steep (PS4)

Peak performer

Extreme sports of the wintry variety clearly aren't for the faint-hearted, and anyone that partakes in snowy slopes that have more in common with the vertical than the horizontal need their head examined. Not only is it dangerous but it also happens to be bloody expensive to boot, which means that most of us will only ever be exposed...

Hands On: Seeing What's Left with What Remains of Edith Finch on PS4

Seeing What's Left with What Remains of Edith Finch on PS4

Taking magical realism to the next level

Of all the games we tried at PSX 2016, What Remains of Edith Finch was easily one of the most memorable. The creepy vibes given off by the narrative-centric game immediately drew us in, and left us with more questions than answers. Giant Sparrow has done a great job of crafting an engaging narrative, and it...

Game of the Year 2016: #10 - Titanfall 2

#10 - Titanfall 2


We've been blessed with well over two decades worth of first-person shooter games and in that time, especially the last six years or so, the industry has been saturated with the genre, with titles delivering varying degrees of quality. This over saturation, while a sobering cornerstone of the violence in video game argument, has also been...

News: Sony Wants You to Vote for Your Game of the Year

Sony Wants You to Vote for Your Game of the Year

What will it be?

Well, like we said earlier, it's that time of the year, isn't it? Sony's holding its own Game of the Year poll on the PlayStation Blog again this year, and it's soliciting your votes right now. There are tons of categories to vote in, from the bog-standard 'Best PS4 Game' through to more esoteric stuff like 'Best Use of the PS4...