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Store Update: 11th October 2016 (Europe)

11th October 2016 (Europe)

The biggest ever?

This must be some kind of record! Sony's dropped the European PlayStation Store update, and between PlayStation VR and a slew of holiday heavy hitters, this has to be the largest refresh ever. This author's been writing about PlayStation for eons now, but can't ever remember this many titles dropping in the same week. PS4 Games:...

News: Hallowe'en Loot Boxes Say Boo to Overwatch

Hallowe'en Loot Boxes Say Boo to Overwatch

Reaper's ready

It's probably the worst kept secret in history, but Overwatch is getting Hallowe'en loot boxes. Hurrah! You may or may not have seen these leaking all over the web over the past few weeks, with the title's Taiwanese website now going live with a front-page splash, showing Australian double-act Junkrat and Roadhog in their...

Review: Manual Samuel (PS4)

Manual Samuel (PS4)

Handle with care

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had to do everything manually? Blinking, breathing, walking: what if your body just decided it wouldn't do them automatically anymore. Well, in Manual Samuel you are tasked with keeping Samuel alive for a whole 24 hours by completing automatic bodily functions manually. You...

Review: Dragon Quest Builders (PS4)

Dragon Quest Builders (PS4)

New kid on the block

As far as world-building block-'em-ups go, Dragon Quest Builders has to be the most charming example of the genre that we've played. Perhaps that's to be expected of the long running property – which, throughout its many incarnations, has always been a delight to experience – but the Dragon Quest skin lends itself...

Review: Job Simulator (PS4)

Job Simulator (PS4)

All work and no pay

As short-lived girl group The Saturdays once warbled, put your boots on baby and get to work. Some reviewers like to start their reviews by recycling the words of Charles Dickens; here at Push Square we prefer to borrow from the surprisingly short range of Ms. Mollie King. It's the kind of irreverence that we like to think Job...

News: PlayStation VR Will Play Host to More Than Just Games

PlayStation VR Will Play Host to More Than Just Games

Sony outlines full roster of experiences, too

PlayStation VR may be all about the games, but the reality is that virtual reality has a greater role to play than that. Fortunately, platform holder Sony seems to recognise this, and it'll be launching a variety of "experiences" and "video services" alongside the headset from launch through into 2017...

Hands On: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Is Far More Than Its Title Suggests

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Is Far More Than Its Title Suggests

Shock and awe

What is a "remaster"? The moniker implies an older game that has been updated to adequately match the technological standards of the present day in numerous ways, such as with polished assets, minor alterations to gameplay, and so forth. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Twilight Princess HD are excellent examples, but what...

Video: Should You Buy Mafia III for Your PS4?

Should You Buy Mafia III for Your PS4?

Mob job

As is widely known already, 2K Games didn't send out advance review code for Mafia III, so we're only just digging into the New Bordeaux-based drama. But should you buy it? Well, we've streamed over an hour of gameplay footage so that you can get a feel for the crime caper – and you can watch the archived footage above. Are you planning...