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Spy Hunter (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

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News: Spy Hunter Races onto Vita This October

Spy Hunter Races onto Vita This October

Driven for speed

Spy Hunter will drift onto the PlayStation Vita this October, publisher Warner Bros has announced. The portable reboot of the 1983 classic will see you assume the role of The Agent, and once again find you on the pursuit of bad guys in the amazingly equipped Interceptor. Visually the game’s looking weak, but as humongous fans of...

News: Spy Hunter Reboot Races onto Vita

Spy Hunter Reboot Races onto Vita

Secret agent

In somewhat surprising news, Warner Bros has announced that it’s rebooting Spy Hunter for the PlayStation Vita. The classic car combat title is set to make an appearance on Sony’s shiny new handheld this fall, courtesy of LEGO specialists TT Fusion. Just like the 1983 original, the game will put you behind the wheel of the G-6155...

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