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Let's Fish! Hooked On (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

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Let’s Fish! Hooked On is the Playstation® Vita’s first full-scale fishing game, delivering an intuitive arcade gaming experience with gameplay features tailored exclusively for the Playstation® Vita.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Plenty moe fish in the sea

The closest that we’ve ever come to a fishing rod is the one that shipped alongside the Dreamcast – which is fitting seeing as PlayStation Vita exclusive Let’s Fish! Hooked On was designed by many of the people that worked on SEGA Bass Fishing. And...

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Store Update: 29th January 2013 (North America)

29th January 2013 (North America)

Hooked hitman

It’s not a particularly packed week on the North American PlayStation Store, but there’s still a string of titles worth your attention. New arrivals include the digital version of Bayonetta, the Hitman HD Trilogy, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There’s also a little game called Let’s Fish: Hooked On, which we’re genuinely...

News: Let's Fish Hooks Footage of Feisty Angler Jamie

Let's Fish Hooks Footage of Feisty Angler Jamie

Reely good

Let's Fish: Hooked On's lead character Jamie may not look dressed for the sport, but the teenage sensation is actually a keen angler. Fuelled by her rivalry with the busty Kano and her lust for the dreamy Ryuji, the feisty fisher uses her partially unbuttoned Daisy Dukes and poorly placed Band Aids to win carp catching competitions all...

News: Wired Productions Reels in First Let's Fish! Footage

Wired Productions Reels in First Let's Fish! Footage

It's a big one

Set aside that smirk, because Let’s Fish! Hooked On looks awesome. Not only is the arcade angling title the product of former SEGA Bass Fishing developers, but it also allows you to watch underdressed anime girls handle enormous rods in public. That’s worth the price of admission alone. The full game promises an engrossing story...

News: Let's Fish! Hooks PlayStation Vita This Fall

Let's Fish! Hooks PlayStation Vita This Fall

Reely good news

Wired Productions is aiming to make a splash this fall with Let’s Fish! Hooked On for PlayStation Vita. The arcade fishing title is the product of renowned Tokyo-based studio SIMS, who previously worked on SEGA Bass Fishing and Ape Escape for PSP. It features a striking anime art style, illustrated by manga luminary Poyoyon Rock...

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