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Frobisher Says (PlayStation Vita)

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Frobisher Says is a surreal party game, where players must obey the whims of a strange little man called Frobisher, who is terribly spoilt and entirely used to getting his own way.

He’s terribly demanding and a bit frightening if crossed, but his orders are often quite whimsical – he might insist on players doing things like “poke an otter with a stick”, “deliver my pudding on a toy train”, or “smile at some ladies (but not at the badgers!)”. He might even ask them to prise open all the clams in his spaghetti marinara – despite the fact that he doesn’t even like clams.

The game showcases all of the features of the Vita – from front and rear touch, to motion, camera, and face-detection, as well as traditional controls. It’s designed specifically to be played with up to 8 friends, but you can play alone for high scores too, if you don’t have any friends.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

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ThreadShadow said:

I bought the dlc and still no trophies. Pretty certain I dl'd the patch too. Anyone know for certain that the trophy patched shipped in NA?

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