Backgammon Blitz

Backgammon Blitz


PlayStation Vita
The Fyzz Facility
VooFoo Studios


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  • 18th Dec 2013, £4.99 (UK/EU)
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Backgammon Blitz Screenshot
Backgammon Blitz Screenshot
Backgammon Blitz Screenshot
Backgammon Blitz Screenshot


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About The Game

Remember Backgammon?

...that game of red and black, plastic pieces and glossy wooden boards, Werther's Originals and cardigans before bed at 3pm. Well, forget that. OK just forget the Werther's and cardigans. Backgammon's back, revised and reinvigorated for a time limited exclusive to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita - and it's a bleeding good time.

Many modern board games are here today, gone tomorrow. But some will be around forever, riding each wave of technology and audience trend. Chess is one such game. Backgammon is another.

So imagine if we told you that the makers of Pure Chess and Hustle Kings - the PSN smash hits - had taken on the burden, the responsibility, the... Right, enough beating around the bush. You probably think Backgammon's a relic. It's not. It's tense, deep and well worth a play.

Midlands-based developer VooFoo Studios is bringing Backgammon back, with a bang. There's a Blitz mode with fire, ice, a cool voice-over - it's like NBA Jam for checkers. There's online and local multiplayer. There's cross-play between PlayStation platforms. There's a doubling cube. There's all kinds.