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Super Stardust Delta (PlayStation Network - Vita)

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The asteroid-blasting action of the Super Stardust™ franchise launches into players’ hands this February with its latest installment: Super Stardust™ Delta.

Developed exclusively for PlayStation®Vita system (PS Vita), Super Stardust Delta delivers all-new mini-games designed specifically for the platform including Crush, Disc Slide, Orbit Bomber, Rock and Roll, and Trucker. Utilizing PS Vita’s front touch screen and rear touch pad, Super Stardust Delta also introduces a host of new features allowing players to access an arsenal of weapons including unleashing missiles, creating black holes and crush attacks.

Players can also tilt the screen to view beyond the horizon and shake the PS Vita to create a devastating Shockwave attack. Using PS Vita’s Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, players can move through the ranks of the global online leaderboard and compare their high scores anytime, anywhere.


  • Includes fully re-designed classic PS3 modes as well as new mini-games developed specially for PS Vita, utilizing the system’s front and back touch capabilities.
  • Introduces all-new PS Vita specific mechanics, controls and enemies.
  • Delivers highly-precise controls utilizing PS Vita’s dual analog sticks.
  • Offers a global online leaderboard, accessible via Wi-Fi and 3G, allowing players to track their top scores on-the-go.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Shining star

Although the Stardust series began life as a simple Asteroids clone on the classic Amiga computers, it wasn't until the release of Super Stardust HD on PlayStation 3's download service that it began to garner worldwide recognition. Lauded for its...

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