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God Eater 3


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Bandai Namco


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God Eater 3 News




  • News God Eater 3 Introduces Its Own Brand of Anime Guff


    Here’s the story trailer for God Eater 3, and if you’ve ever watched anime before you’ll probably find yourself nodding your head to its nonsense. This one hits all the clichés: spiky haired protagonists, buxom babes, acronyms that defy logic, and an English voice cast that sounds like it’s been ripped straight out of Saved by the...


  • News God Eater 3 Will Chow Down on Meaty Post-Launch Support

    Bandai Namco details

    Upcoming monster-mashing role-playing title God Eater 3 will enjoy extensive post-launch support, Bandai Namco has revealed. Free updates will bring extra missions, character customisation options, and various gameplay tweaks after the game has released. What's more, Bandai Namco is also considering the possibility of...

  • News God Eater 3 Gets an Incredibly Anime Opening Movie

    Eat this

    Everyone loves a good anime opening, right? Well it doesn't get much more anime than God Eater 3's opening movie, which comes complete with Japanese rock, well animated action, moody characters turning away from the camera, moody characters walking towards the camera, an ominous giant monster in the distance, and mysterious little girls...





  • News It Looks Like God Eater 3 Will Gobble Up PS4

    Of course

    God Eater 3 is in the works -- we've known that since last month -- but publisher Bandai Namco is yet to announce which platforms it's coming to. In a completely unsurprising twist, it looks like the monster-slaying sequel will be arriving on PlayStation 4. The Korean arm of the company has the game listed for Sony's system, so we reckon...