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Contrast (PS4 / PlayStation 4)

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A game of light and shadow.

You, the mystery audience member, will play Dawn, an enigmatic young lady tasked with helping Didi as she explores the world of Contrast. You will need to use Dawn’s tricks of light and shadow (through clever special effects, you will be able to become your shadow, at will, whenever your shadow appears on a wall!), and summon up all your improvisational skills to move the story along.

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Posted by Graham Banas

If it's broke, fix it

Contrast is the first game by indie developer Compulsion Games. It, along with Resogun, shares the distinction of being the one of the first free PlayStation Plus giveaways on the PlayStation 4. The title follows a young girl named Didi, who works to...

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News: Head Backstage with Contrast, the PS4's First PS Plus Freebie

Head Backstage with Contrast, the PS4's First PS Plus Freebie

Family affairs

It may lack the big-budget punch of DriveClub, but Canadian indie Compulsion Games’ upcoming Contrast sure seems worth your time all the same. The film noir puzzle platformer is set to deploy next month on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus subscribers on the latter system securing the swish excursion for...

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