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Worms: Revolution (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Worms™ Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series to come to the PS3, featuring exciting new features and beautiful 3D graphics whilst retaining the classic 2D gameplay that fans love.

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Posted by Simon Waldron

Wriggle room

There's always been a charm to destroying unfortunate invertebrates with outrageous weapons. As such, when Worms: Revolution debuted as a downloadable title on the PlayStation Network, we jumped at the chance to take up arms. It turns out that the...

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News: Worms Revolution Attacks PlayStation 3 This October

Worms Revolution Attacks PlayStation 3 This October

Early bird

Worms Revolution is set to slither onto the PlayStation Network on 10th October, developer Team 17 has announced. The latest entry in the long-running multiplayer series promises a host of new features, including “new physics objects, dynamic water and an awesome class system”. In order to celebrate the announcement, Team 17’s...

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