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When Vikings Attack (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Scream out the battle cry, unite your neighbourhoods and send the Vikings packing.

Fend off a battalion of Viking invaders, bewildered after landing in modern-day Britain 1200 years too late. Form a team of up to four co-operative players to fight off the tardy attackers, via PlayStation Network. Complete special challenges and discover hidden treasures before the Vikings can get their grubby hands on them. Begin your fightback on PlayStation 3 and continue it on PlayStation Vita thanks to the Cross-Play and Cross-Save features.

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Posted by Greg Giddens

Rise against the tyranny of the Vikings

There's a pitfall to the design goal of simplicity: repetition. Many accessible titles tend to eschew this obstacle through minimalistic charm and a compelling set of mechanics. But while When Vikings Attack certainly boasts these values, and makes good...

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Vikings don’t head to the seaside and sip on piña coladas when they want to relax. Instead, they do much the same as they would on a normal day – attack each other. The twist is that they embark on this antagonistic pastime in brand new locations, such as on golf courses, cruise ships, and, er, giant chess boards. Of course,...

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Sony will attempt to solve one of life’s most enduring enquiries next week: what happens When Vikings Attack? The quirky Power Stone-esque arena battler will invade the PlayStation Store from 6th November in North America and 7th November in Europe. Purchasing the Clever Beans developed title will net you the game on both PS3 and...

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What happens When Vikings Attack? You’ll be able to find out later this year when the Clever Beans developed fighting game launches on PSN and Vita. In the game, a “battalion of Viking invaders, 1200 years late to the party, are causing havoc in your town”. You need to assemble a posse of local citizens in order to stop them...

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