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Retro/Grade (PlayStation 3)

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Rick Rocket has just saved the universe!

Unfortunately, the massive destruction he left in his wake has caused a temporal anomaly that has reversed the flow of time. The player must assume control of Rick's spacecraft and fight through the epic space battle... in reverse! Retro/Grade is an innovative game that fuses the white knuckle thrills and over the top visuals of a shooter with the broad appeal of a rhythm game. Players are forced to dodge enemy projectiles while positioning the ship to be in the correct place to fire their lasers when their shots come back to them.

Retro/Grade will be available for Playstation 3 over Playstation Network on August 21st. It won the Audience Award at IndieCade 2010 and was a finalist for Excellence in Audio and Excellence in Design in the 2009 Independent Games Festival.

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Posted by Joe Walker

Back to the Front

Take everything you know about playing video games and throw it out of the window, because everything about Retro/Grade is backwards. Literally. While developer 24 Caret Games calls it a shooter in reverse, at its core Retro/Grade is a rhythm game and a...

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