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Papo & Yo (PlayStation 3)

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Papo & Yo is a Puzzle-Platforming Adventure that follows the tale of a young boy named Quico and his best friend Monster, a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth and an addiction to poisonous frogs.

The minute Monster eats a frog he goes into a violent rage that’s bad news for everyone around. And yet, Quico isn’t afraid to make a dangerous journey through a magical, constantly-changing world to find a cure for his best friend. This is their story…

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Posted by Mike Mason

Waking the monster

On its face Papo & Yo is a tale of boy and monster, of frogs and fruits, but beneath its fantastical scenario lurks a subtle maturity that goes beyond the reach of many games. It's a story devised to mirror designer Vander Caballero's own struggles in...

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