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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Play as Travis Touchdown as you fight to become the world's #1 Assassin!

Use Travis's lethal beam katana to eliminate the top 10 ranked skillful killers of the United Assassins Association. After defeating his original boss, Helter Skelter, Travis takes the position of the 11th ranked hitman and begins his meteoric rise to the top!

Complete Deadly Missions and Side-Jobs - Play through a myriad of missions and part-time jobs as you make your way to the top of the United Assassins Association

Compatible with Playstation Move - Use Travis's Beam Katana skills with Playstation Move's accurate movement recognition technology and cut through waves of enemies

Enjoy Newly Added Game Modes - Enter "Rebout Mode" to challenge your former foes and compare your scores with players around the world, or enjoy "Viewer Mode" where you can watch infamous cut-scenes

All-New Boss Challenges - Enjoy crystal-clear HD graphics as you slash your way through the original 10 bosses from No More Heroes

Collect Exclusive Downloadable Content - Customize your game with new content including exclusive customizations and upgrades

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Posted by Darren Eggerton

We could be heroes

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise isn’t about saving the world. It follows Travis Touchdown, an over-sexed Otaku obsessed with violence, wrestling, anime and games (he has a Mega Drive/Mega CD/32X combo in his room). Travis gets drunk in a bar and meets...

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Another adults-only Move title

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (known as No More Heroes: Red Zone in Japan) is bound to make waves when it comes to PlayStation 3 later this year, much like the original No More Heroes on Wii all those years ago. The trailer below, despite being in Japanese, should give you a pretty clear idea of what to expect from...

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danschemen said:

never got the game for the wii even though i heard it's such an awesome game. probably get it for the ps3

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