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House of the Dead III (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Dare you return?

Originally released in 2002, The House of the Dead 3 introduced a number of new elements to the series, including “rescue events,” a shot ranking and grading system that challenges players to shoot both quickly and accurately, and a Boss “cancel” bar that players must fill to fend off devastating attacks. Featuring unique-to-console gameplay mechanics, The House of the Dead 3 can be played using a PlayStation Move controller or a standard PlayStation controller.

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Posted by Nathan Michalik


Another one of SEGA’s classics stumbles its way onto the PSN with the zombie infested shooter House of the Dead III. With heavy roots in the arcade scene, the House of the Dead (HotD) series has been eating quarters worldwide as one of the most...

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After last year's House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut, SEGA's keeping the green blood flowing with two more shooter ports for PS3, but this time they're heading to the PlayStation Store. On 7th February the North American store gets House of the Dead 3, complete with PlayStation Move support, Trophies and HD...

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