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EyePet: Move Edition (PlayStation 3)

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EyePet Move Edition brings you closer to your magical best friend with PlayStation Move motion control gameplay.

  • Nurture the world's most incredible pet from a tiny baby until he's fully grown.
  • Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to help raise and play with your pet, draw toys on screen (and paper) and watch them come to life.
  • Enjoy new toys unique to EyePet Move Edition, learn tricks and use the PlayStation Eye camera to capture your pet's most memorable moments.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Mike Mason

An EyePet is for life, not just for hardware launches

EyePet was originally released in Europe at the end of 2009, long before the arrival of PlayStation Move. Back then the game only required a PlayStation Eye, with everything controlled by your hands and a piece of plastic that you held up to the camera...

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We go hands on with Sony Studio London's latest and greatest artificial reality game, Eye Pet, engaging in a game of bowling, trampolining and even washing o

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WolfRamHeart said:

You're getting it Slapshot? I think that this game does look kind of fun but I'm just not sure if the experience will justify the $39.99 price tag. Let me know what you think of it when you do get it.:)



KAPADO said:

first time i played it was dissapointed, Now i love it. i was mad at the egg hatching but i was doing it wrong because i was eager to wow my nieces.

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