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Dragon Fantasy: Book I (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Experience an all-new old adventure!

Fight your way through hordes of strange, silly, and scary monsters! Explore the caves, castles, and dungeons of an ancient evil! Meet warriors, princes, pirates, zombies, and crazy old woodsmen in huge world of epic retro RPG adventure! Authentic 8-bit artwork and an original soundtrack by renowned Bay Area 8-bit musician, Crashfaster keeps the game true to its retro roots.

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Posted by Robert Ramsey

Dragged out fantasy

Harkening back to the days of rather basic 2D Japanese RPGs like the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, Dragon Fantasy: Book I at first appears to be little more than a tribute to the games that created a genre. However, on closer inspection, the...

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Fortified said:

""One to be born from a dragon...", What the heck does that mean? Thats barely intelligible!" Dovakiin, dragonborn FUS RO DAH

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