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DOOM Classic Complete (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Dust off your BFG and ready yourself for the definitive battle against the forces of Hell.

DOOM Classic Complete includes the seminal shooters that laid the ground work for the entire first-person shooter genre: DOOM (with the additional episode 'Thy Flesh Consumed'), DOOM II (including the additional episodes 'No Rest for the Living' and 'The Master Levels') and Final DOOM.

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Posted by Robert Ramsey

Rock solid

Boasting the full versions of Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2: Hell on Earth, and Final DOOM, there's no doubt that DOOM Classic Complete is a comprehensive package for those looking for a nostalgia trip. But is the famous franchise still the daddy of first-person...

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News: DOOM Classic Collection Targets the PlayStation Network

DOOM Classic Collection Targets the PlayStation Network

No sign of The Rock

If your trigger finger’s itching for some old-school first-person action, then the DOOM Classic Collection should catch your attention. The downloadable compilation – mentioned on this week’s episode of the PlayStation Blogcast among other places – will comprise DOOM, DOOM 2, and Final DOOM. The first two titles were...

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