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Unleash Creativity!

The more players explore the game, solve level-based challenges, and customize their world, the more rewards will be unlocked. Creativity will be unleashed as players design environments with easy-to-use brushes and tools, including textures, props and animating objects that bring the scene to life.

On the PlayStation 3, players can share any of their creations, solutions or challenges with the community through the console and also via the official Create website at www.create.ea.com. Friends can download and remix solutions and set challenges for other players to download and complete. Imaginations will run wild this holiday!

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Posted by Christopher Ingram

More play than Create

Play, Create and Share are words that PlayStation fans have become very fond of in the last two years. Games like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers both have gamers not only playing the games, but creating and sharing their own levels online with...

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