Topic: What Was Your Favourite Last-Gen System?

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@BAMozzy maybe we should just go with the developers and call this Gen 4 after all Nintendo has combined both their Handheld and console market and MS have said they want to do away with console generations altogether (hence the XB1X still carrying the XB1 name even though it's basically a brand new system)

the only ones still playing by the old rules are sony as they keep numbering their systems to show how each is a brand new system PS-PS2-PS3-PS4

i think the concept of "generations" in consoles has passed to be honest

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@FullbringIchigo Nintendo too are releasing 'next' generation consoles too. The difference here though is that Nintendo are not making the same 'step' up as companies like MS and Sony are. The PS4 is around 8-9x as powerful as the PS3. The XB1 isn't quite as much but its still a 7-8x jump. The Switch on the other hand is barely a 2x Jump and in handheld, its GPU is 'less' powerful although it could be more efficient etc and/or utilise the extra RAM and CPU to offset its deficit. Its still a 'new' generation from Nintendo and whilst we can't foresee the future, I cannot, at this moment, foresee Nintendo dropping out of the Console Market. If they make a 'similar' jump with 'Switch 2', in Docked mode, it would still not be as powerful as the XB1 and/or PS4. Admittedly they could use 'half instructions' (16bit) to reach the XB1/PS4 level but if we were to look at the 32bit or full instruction, then it would still only be at 50% of these.

Its really difficult to see where MS go from here. On the one hand, they are saying they want to do away with 'generations' but on the other, their new Console is going under the 'XB1' name and its positioned as an iterative upgrade. At some point, games will be too advanced to run on the XB1 but 'could' run at a scaled down level - say 1440p or even 1080p. If that's the case, the XB1 version would no longer be 'HD' IF it even is able to be scaled down that far. Will we see Xbox One X 'recommended, required, minimum spec? Will we see something similar to the N64 and its Expansion Pack - X needed to access all areas (like Perfect Dark was), or X needed to run this game (like Donkey Kong or Majoras Mask). Its not like the 'Pro' as the Pro is literally a PS4 with an extra GPU bolted on and some 'minor' speed/bandwidth boosts. Its only around 2x the difference - where as the 'X' is 'almost' a new generation - a massive 4.2x boost. The RAM is significantly increased with much higher bandwidths. Architecturally, its different too - no ESRAM. It also has HDMI2.1 features - like Game VRR built in to it. The 'next gen' Xbox is unlikely to offer too much more - a stronger GPU to hit 4K more easily with a better CPU to help increase frame rates. RAM is unlikely to be improved too much - its Ample for 4k Assets - maybe a few more GB's to help the OS and give an extra GB or two. It already has Dolby Atmos, Game VRR and all the 4k HDR media suite - so not much to be gained there. Its likely to be like upgrading your GTX 1070 to a GTX 1170 or 1270 at a push, swapping the CPU could be a much bigger change. But if you are offering 4k HDR with Atmos audio, the nextbox doesn't have some where to go not unless its literally swapping 1880p CB/1440p for full 4k...

At least Sony can make a sizeable upgrade to its 'next' gen console. Going from the '1440p' (I know it can do some 4k but 1440p is between CB 1880p and CB 4k if you just count the pixels rendered per frame - so 1440p is the 'average between all the more common UHD content on this console) to a full native 4k with a 4k HDR Bluray and Atmos audio for both media and gaming, as well as HDMI 2.1 features like Game VRR is a 'sizeable' jump up from the Pro. At some point they will want to 'cut' the ties to the 4th gen - not hold back their console to the 'weakest' denominator. i.e not have to do 30fps MP or have the 'same' content because that's all the 'base' console can cope with.

All in all, it really is becoming much more difficult to define and classify ALL consoles under one 'generation'. I guess you could define these altogether as an 'Era' rather than a 'generation' but it makes far more sense to refer to them by their 'familial' generation. The Pro is locked to the 4th Generation Playstation, Nintendo have just released their 7th generation console. MS are about to launch their most powerful console that's linked to their 3rd Generation.

We did have a 'few' generations of the PS3 too - from the original Phat, to the various slim models. Even generations of consoles can have 'generations' too LOL

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We are done discussing what makes a gen. Please stick on topic. Thanks for understanding -Tasuki-

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PS3 was my most used console.

Early on though, I played a ton of Xbox 360.



the ps3 without a shadow of a doubt
i still use it every day
be it as a video jukebox
a netflix machine
a youtube viewer
or as an actual gaming machine my ps3 is rarely dormant



Atari 2600 it inovated. I do not see leaps forwards with modern consoles.


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I didn't have one when I was younger. Now?

PS2. Without a doubt. I've gotten to beat a lot of games that I couldn't when I was a kid/teen because of school/work etc. Example: Almost beaten Volt's story in The Bouncer. A game that I've always loves and still think is underrated.


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PS3. Sony always has better exclusives than Microsoft IMO, and while I love Nintendo, the Wii was one of their weakest consoles in terms of good games IMO. Still a great system, just not as good as the others. (Although I still prefered it to the Wii U)



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