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@Kidfried Yep. My feelings on that are actually a little mixed. The core gameplay, which is basically a third person shooter, is a little mediocre to be frank. It's not bad per se it's just not good and doesn't stylistically fit in with the series as a whole.

The story is actually pretty good by the end and has some very heavy themes dealing with child abuse. It does tie into Danganronpa 1 and 2 and you're accompanied by Toko Fukawa a.k.a Genocide Jack who was one of my favourite characters in the first game.
Unfortunately there are also some "fan-service" moments that made me extremely uncomfortable. One segment sees the protagonist trapped in a machine that fondles her and you have to break her free via the touch screen, which in turn touches her more and thus has a certain physiological effect on her. Further, in one boss fight attacking the boss will see her clothes get destroyed until she's in her underwear.

I'd say I overall enjoyed it because of the story, but it's definitely the weakest game in the series.

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I like Ultra Despair Girls more than the original Danganronpa, to be quite honest. It's a cool, creepy story, and I like how it expanded on the worldbuilding of the first two games. It's also essential to play before you go into Danganronpa 3 (the anime conclusion to the first two games). The TPS gameplay isn't ideal, but it's more of a puzzle game than a shooter anyway.

I really liked the relationship between Toko and Komaru by the end of the game.

@mookysam I'm still shocked, to this day, that NISA released Ultra Despair Girls uncensored in the West. There's no way that would happen if the game were to be localized today. Too much dark and sexual subject matter. And the molestation machine, LMAO!

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@mookysam @Ralizah I've been playing the game for a few hours now and I'm really looking forward to playing more. I really like Komaru, so that's a big plus too. Also finding out that my display picture has a brother was kind of a big deal to me, haha.

The gameplay is indeed quite simple, and nothing too interesting, but as long as the story keeps up a nice pace, I don't think that would be a problem for me.

Also, really like the graphics (especially for a Vita game!) and the sound is strong too.

Anyway, that's just a few short impressions after 4 or 5 hours of play.



Now I am probably the last person to get get hooked let alone try a mobile game, but after watching my co-worker playing World of Kings I had to try it. Basically it's World of Warcraft mobile. Now I don't think it's made by Blizzard, unless they are using a shell corporation to put this game out since the backlash they got for Diablo Mobile, or it is indeed a Chinese knockoff. Whatever the case may be you can tell it's heavily inspired by WoW. Even the graphics look like they were pulled right out of WoW.

Anyway it's a full fledge MMORPG for free on mobile stores it has everything that WoW does dungeons, PvP, crafting, Guilds etc and Since I did play WoW for many years till my PC died I figured I'd give it a try. Right now I am playing a Dwarven Archer and just hit level 20 (level cap for now is 60) and been playing it with a few friends. Been actually having a blast with it and it scratches that WoW itch nicely. Only problem I have is I wish I had a at least a tablet to play it on cause after awhile playing it on my phone hurts my eyes.

Other then that if you are a fan of WoW or MMOs in general or just looking for a deep game I highly recommend this game even though it is mobile and I am not big on mobile gaming.

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