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I've never had to be up late for a LR release as I recall. And as I say, the split batches by about 6 hours I think anyway.

The games will likely run well enough. I think for the most part they're in a sweet spot of being not demanding but mostly also updated over time to run on more modern framework.
Some gog stuff has drm issues with Windows 10 (which I think needs to see some sort of drm) - but since this is a collaboration with Lucasarts, and LR are pretty good at what they do, they'll be authored to run on as many configurations as possible.
Even if they don't, you always just get the Steam versions for the 50p or whatever they cost these days 😂

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Started playing Celeste on Switch and I managed to finish the first two chapters and the game has already impressed me immensely. The platforming is so satisfying and the controls feel great. The music is a delight as well, it fits in with the levels wonderfully.

I can already see this game becoming one of my favourite indies of all time, along with Hollow Knight. Absolutely brilliant games!



Recently started to play Le Mans 24 Hours on Dreamcast, for a bit of retro action. Over 6 years since I last played it, and the handling is just as instinctive as before - no refresher needed, I was on it right away. Love that game. Plus also Grid Autosport on 360, and hoping the new one will be just as good. Also, just replayed Killzone in HD on PS3, some 15 years after playing the PS2 original. I know it never reviewed all that well, but I still really like that game.



I keep trying to get back into Final Fantasy IX, and... I dunno. I just can't. It's not catching my interest. I can't even put my finger on why... it looks good for a PS1 game. The character writing is decent. But it'll feel like I've been playing forever and, when I check, less than hour has passed.


I'm on Disc 2. If I continue feeling like this for too long, I might just cut my losses and drop it.


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Tekken 6 psp on my Vita.



Started playing Jak II on PS3 today. After being in a sort of JRPG craze lately I decided that I wanted to play something simple and fun and this game came to mind. I've only played the first Jak & Daxter game, which was a long time ago, so I'm pretty excited to play the rest of the series now.

It's pretty fun so far, I can immediately tell that the tone of this game is vastly different than the first one. Jak got a voice now, the open world is very much inspired by GTA and the game is way darker than before. At least Daxter is still here to provide the comic relief, which is very much appreciated.



@KratosMD I wish those games would get the Ratchet and Clank treatment, I always preferred those games to the R & C ones. Maybe it's the secret game Bluepoint are working on?

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@JohnnyShoulder Possibly. The franchise hasn't seen a new release for a very long time now, even longer than Sly Cooper since that series got a new entry on PS3 at least. I honestly wouldn't mind playing through the first J&D again, it's a very fun game!



@KratosMD @JohnnyShoulder @KratosMD Yeah, I have yet to play the PS4 remaster of the first J & D game that came as a pre-order bonus for Uncharted Lost Legacy. It has been sitting on my hard drive for over 2 years. I forget it’s even there.

I keep forgetting about Bluepoint. We still have heard nothing about what they’re doing. J & D already got a PS4 port so likely not those, although I realize they are just an HD upres and not a true remake. Ideas I’ve heard include Ico, Metal Gear Solid, Demon Souls. Maybe we’ll find out at PAX.

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@crimsontadpoles Nice mate, is this your first time playing the series? You have a lot of stuff to look forward to! I consider the Danganronpa games to be the best visual novels ever, even better than Ace Attorney if you ask me. The humour, the characters, the social life aspect and the gripping plot are simply second-to-none. Really awesome games all in all.

I do hope that you will post your thoughts of the games from time to time as you progress. I just love discussing games like this.



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Ended up playing cookie clicker yesterday. I was reading up on passive gaming systems and ended on the website. Started on the browser at around 6:30. Two coffees later and way after 9pm the website crashed losing all my progress. I was just about to buy my first wizards temple as well! Too addictive from now on any such games are getting dodged.

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Finally got around to starting Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist which, I'm pleased to say, is a huge improvement over the nightmarish Double Agent.

Going from one game released at the beginning of the PS3's lifespan to this one, released near its end, is a neat little case study in how developers learn to squeeze every extra bit of power from their hardware. Everything is just objectively better, at least from a technical perspective; stealth flows, with movement now a breeze rather than a chore, giving you much more time to react and come up with dynamic approaches to each situation. Level design is linear, but still clever enough to provide two or three options, and there's a cinematic flow and pace to everything (even the menu screens) that gives me that comfortable feeling I always get when playing a big-budget, quality experience.

Couple of niggles, though. The overload of "things to do" led to some confusion early on, with me going straight from the bare-bones prologue to a tower defence survival game mode which was entirely optional because I spoke to the wrong character in the hub. I flailed around and taught myself the game in a haphazard, frankly dangerous way before finally clearing five waves of enemies and getting to extract, at which point I was able to find and play the first proper story mission... which subsequently taught me everything I wish I'd known fifteen minutes ago. D'oh!

And speaking of the wrong character, everybody seems to be stricken with this odd disease which appears to be affecting their cognitive recognition. They're all looking at this thirty-something imposter guy and calling him Sam Fisher. It's even infected his daughter! Maybe that'll get explained as I play more of the story. Either that, or it's some kind of Due South / Ray Vecchio undercover thing. I wonder where the real Sam is?

By and large, though, this is what I wanted from a Tom Clancy game, and a Splinter Cell game at that; playable, atmospheric stealth action about a set of folks who talk exclusively in acronyms, running about trying to stop people sending fuzzy tapes in to the news.

Happy days.

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Well I'm playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica X on PS2 at the moment.

I kinda forgot about Steve Burnside and his "radical" California surfer style voice... That's gonna grate

But other then that he's an ok character from what I remember... Enjoying it so far once again

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So far Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has felt like a weird and wonderful mix of other games that I've loved, whilst still being unique in its own way. It has people being trapped in a death game in a similar style to Zero Escape, with Monokuma acting like Zero Jr's long lost cousin. The class trials and related investigations have an Ace Attorney vibe to them. And the style of the game along with hanging out with classmates has a slight Persona feel to them.

Currently, I've made it past the first class trial. It was far too easy to figure out the culprit, but otherwise it was great (the numbers on the wall made it too simple). The events of the crime turned out to be rather different than what I was expecting.

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@crimsontadpoles Great game, Danganronpa. The class trials get even better.

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@crimsontadpoles Danganronpa is a brilliant series. I took a real gamble on the first game, buying it on the basis of one trailer on a shopping website. Thankfully I ended up absolutely loving it, so it paid off! Two and V3 are even better in my view.

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@mookysam Just bought Ultra Despair Girls, for completion sake. Have you played that one, how is it?



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